About Bookerino

The book club discussion platform

What is it?

It’s simply a book club. That’s all there is to it! We have made a platform to bring people together so they can discuss a book with people all around the world, and get involved as a community. Just go on a book and you’ll be able to discuss chapter by chapter.

What’s in it for you?

Creating an amazing platform for readers to interact with, that’s what. We want to make the most incredible experience for you to interact with others. No overall thoughts on a book, chatting chapter by chapter, just as the world does with every episode of a TV show.

What’s the plan?

The main plan of this site is to develop it around the community. Whoever that might be and make sure to shape it to the user's needs. We are going to continue to improve this site day in and day out. We also plan on giving 10% of all profits to Cancer Research UK.

Who are you?

Well at the moment there's only two of us. Callum had the idea a couple of years ago and finally went and built it. Nic joined recently and has been smashing out some of the code for the site.