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Oathbringer - Part One: United

Pages: 27-326

Here you can discuss Part One: United, which is from pages: 27-326. You can talk about anything related to this chapter. But please don't leave any spoilers from the rest of the book!

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    callum - 1 year ago

    Finished part one yesterday and my god, this book is so bloody satisfying haha! I know I'm going to feel so empty when it's over haha :)

  • 1

    Ian1965 - 1 year ago

    I'm im honest I feel that this is probably weaker than the other books so far. Hope it picks up at some point

  • 1

    callum - 1 year ago

    Still on this section, had so much development on the site going on... But damn I am really loving this so far!

  • 3

    Mk8n - 1 year ago

    jeeeez the reunion scene with kal and his family :o literally had tears in my eyes

  • 2

    bryan_thompson - 1 year ago

    Loving it so far. Making me see Sadeas in a slightly new light tho

  • 2

    callum - 1 year ago

    I'm currently at about 57 pages in... But my god the chapter on Dalinar's past!? The fight seemed so badass haha! Can't wait to get through this book :)

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