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Oathbringer - Part Two: New Beginnings Sing

Pages: 343-554

Here you can discuss Part Two: New Beginnings Sing, which is from pages: 343-554. You can talk about anything related to this chapter. But please don't leave any spoilers from the rest of the book!

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    callum - 1 year ago

    Rock meeting his family again as well!? My god it was such a good moment in the book as well as well as (I hope I'm remembering the right character name...) but drehy getting movement in his legs back! So bloody good! :D

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    callum - 1 year ago

    Absolutely loving this part of the book so far! I've been absolutely storming through it! I must admit though, with Jasnah being back, she just seems so insufferable! Anyone else finding that? :)

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