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Oathbringer - Prologue: To Weep

Pages: 19-25

Here you can discuss Prologue: To Weep, which is from pages: 19-25. You can talk about anything related to this chapter. But please don't leave any spoilers from the rest of the book!

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  • 1

    JackThomas - 1 year ago

    Amazing site Callum! Loving the design mate haha also thanks for putting the book up can chat about it on here too :p

  • 2

    tyler1989 - 1 year ago

    Just finished the prologue and loving it so far - Brandon's writing is so good man I'm addicted

  • 4

    dawnhallam - 1 year ago

    I have been so hyped for this book for so long!!! Hope this becomes an active community :D

  • 2

    flamewalker78 - 1 year ago

    My god the begining with eshonai!!!?! really didnt expect that

  • 2

    callum - 1 year ago

    Also, I thought this was a great start to the book, actually finding out why the Parshendi did what they did to Gavilar! :D

  • 6

    callum - 1 year ago

    Hey people! Just wanted to thank you if you have joined the site and I hope you enjoy this new platform to start discussing books in a book club type format! I made the site after falling in love with reading again and Brandon Sanderson was a massive part of that. Feel free to email me if you have any questions, concerns or just want to chat! Thanks! - Callum

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