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    Whatwentwrong - Comment posted 1 year ago

    Hey peeps - just started reading the book, gonna comment when I get a bit further in

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      soluxos - Comment posted 1 year ago - Reply to Whatwentwrong

      Awesome, glad you joined!

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        Whatwentwrong - Comment posted 1 year ago - Reply to soluxos

        Thanks :) The book seems really good so far. I am not too familiar with marketing so it is definitely helping to learn a little more. The part covering 'prospects', 'leads', and 'customers' seems helpful, I have heard from my jobs marketing team those words being thrown around, so it's nice to finally understand the meaning.

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          Whatwentwrong - Comment posted 1 year ago - Reply to Whatwentwrong

          I've finished the first chapter now. Seems great. Hope to finish the book by the end of next week though. @soluxos do you run the site/book club?

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    Sam91 - Comment posted 1 year ago

    Hi all, thought I’d introduce myself. I’m Sam, I work in marketing. Not sure if I have the strength to start my own business yet but I saw the book you’re reading and it peaked my interest! I’d like to learn a little more about other business areas too so might even hang around after 😉 I’ve been reading it on my commute to work (so not far in at atm!) and its already got me hooked. From the top comparing marketing to the circus coming to town, aside from being a great analogy, answered some questions I’ve had for a while! I can already tell I’m going to enjoy this one, and I’ll share my thoughts as I go ☺️

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      soluxos - Comment posted 1 year ago - Reply to Sam91

      Hey Sam, welcome!

      Yeah the books we'll have on here should hopefully scratch that itch of multiple business areas really! I've only read about the first 10 pages as of yet (been slightly busy haha), but it seems like it'll be a fun and informative read. I was expecting it to be kind of dry, but he seems like a pretty funny and no-nonsense writer!

      Would love to hear your thoughts whenever you have time 😬

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    soluxos - Comment posted 1 year ago

    Hello to everyone that's joining!

    So this is the book for the next two weeks. I've heard a lot of great things about this book for those that are looking to further their marketing knowledge. I'll also be slightly meta and try to apply what I learn from this book to this website.

    I hope to speak to more of you soon!

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      soluxos - Comment posted 1 year ago - Reply to soluxos

      I thought the part about how you need a strategy before you use tactics. The book so far is definitely getting me to think about marketing in a different way. I think marketing will get more of my time with both Bookerino, as well as other projects that come up along the way.

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      soluxos - Comment posted 1 year ago - Reply to soluxos

      So as I said to Sam above, I've only read the first 10 pages or so, but it seems like quite a fun read as of yet. Zencentric on IndieHackers did mention that it doesn't actually help you to create a marketing plan despite the title, so don't expect it to just be that. It seems like it will be more of a business book for those wanting to make money!

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