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Tribe Of Mentors - Introduction

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Here you can discuss Introduction, which is from pages: x. You can talk about anything related to this chapter. But please don't leave any spoilers from the rest of the book!

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    Dawn Hallam - 1 year ago

    Ah no way! I've been so hyped for this!

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    catalin - 1 year ago

    Hey! After reading the book description, it seems like a great book. I've read parts of 'Tools of Titants" and it is really great. Will begin reading it soon :)

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    callum - 1 year ago

    I thought it was a good start to a ( hopefully ) good book. Tim gives us a little insight into how he feels despair in his life as he is turning 40 ( how can such a successful guy feel like that )... Hopefully, we will find some answers from these mentors! :)

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    callum - 1 year ago

    Hey people! So I properly heard of Tim Ferriss thanks to Kevin Rose's YouTube series 'Foundation', where he interviewed Tim on how he came to write his book and much more on his life. I really thought this would be an interesting book to chat about with all of you! I hope you find something worthwhile in this book!

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