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Tribe Of Mentors - Mentors 51 – 60

Pages: 232-271

Here you can discuss Mentors 51 – 60, which is from pages: 232-271. You can talk about anything related to this chapter. But please don't leave any spoilers from the rest of the book!

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    SarahCompton - 1 year ago

    A friend just handed me this book. I just read the exert by Leo Babauta - there was a particular comment about how to deal with uncertainty which could have been written just for me! Embrace it and relish in it, as it is the place where you grow the most - so true but so easy to forget. One comment can completely flip your perspective on a thing. Rather than steal my friends copy, I'm going to go out and buy this immediately. It's right up my alley - usually I cant concentrate on books like this (which makes me sad) but this looks really accessible - lots of short, digestible clumps of information! However I'll be interested to see if it still manages some cohesion as a book in spite of this - anyone else read it?

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